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Quad Arm Super Duty Shepherd Hook Hanger

Quad Arm Super Duty Shepherd Hook Hanger

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Quad Arm Shepherd Hook staffs are FedEx shippable. Main 5/8" solid steel shaft shaft is in two pieces, allowing FedEx shipments. It's considered super duty because it's made with 5/8" square iron. This staff will hold four of your heaviest flower baskets and bird feeders. 


Super Heavy Duty American Made Hook Set!



  • Overall Height: 91"
  • In Ground Height of Highest Hang Point: 76"
  • In Ground Height of Second Arm Hang Point: 70"
  • In Ground Height of Third Arm Hang Point: 64"
  • In Ground Height of Fourth Arm Hang Point: 58"


  1. 12" Step in leg for proper anchoring.
  2. Arm reach for each of the 4 arms is 13" .
  3. Double step in legs provide superb stability.
  4. Sculpted hook arms give this product a "finished" appearance.
  5. Arms are removeable for easy transport, storage and the lowering of cylinder style squirrel baffles.   
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